Salaries Review Commission Objects to Pension Bill


By Staff
PRESIDENT: Anthony Carmona

The Chairman of the Salaries Review Commission (SRC), Edward Collier, says the SRC was not consulted by the Parliament on the two controversial pension bills although the SRC has jurisdiction over pensions for judges and members of Parliament.

In a report in express newspaper, Collier confirmed that SRC members met President Anthony Carmona to express their concerns on the passage of the two bills in the House of Representatives. The bills—the Judges Salaries and Pensions Bill and the Retiring Allowances (Legislative) Bill— are to be debated in the Senate.

Told that it was being said the SRC had consistently taken the position that it did not have jurisdiction over judges’ pensions, Collier said: “This is not so. We have jurisdiction over pensions in relation to those officers coming under our purview. The question is whether retired judges come under our purview. Sitting judges come under our purview and we provide for their retirement.”

Collier said the pensions of parliamentarians also come under the SRC’s purview.

“All the terms and conditions of offices falling under the purview of the SRC come before us and that includes pensions,” he said. “Constitutionally, it is so enacted under Section 141,” he added.